'Overlooked' - drawn from the works of 5 contemporary Sheffield artists who all share a common interest in exploring the unseen and mundane. Focussing on marginal, liminal spaces that most people wouldn't give a second glance. Creating observational paintings that use landscape to create a narrative and emotional tension.

'Look beneath the surface, let not the several quality of a thing nor it's worth escape thee' - Marcus Aurelius

The Scottish Queen,
21-24 South Street, Park Hill, Sheffield, S2 5QX

The artists would very much like to thank:
Urban Splash (particularly Tom Bloxham and Mark Latham) who have generously provided the Scottish Queen for us to site our exhibition.
Leila Alexander (Art Consultant) for her invaluable input and advice
Andrew Mathews (Graphic Designer at Urban Splash)
Louise Hutchinson(Artistic Director) and Pippa Cook(Programme Coordinator) from S1 Artspace for their help and guidance in curating the show
Thornbridge Brewery for sponsoring our Preview Event
Paul Allender for his contribution to our catalogue
Ecclesall Print for the creation of the show brochure

Friday, 8 May 2015

Monika Kostera Writes, Mandy Payne Paints

 Paradise Lost by Mandy Payne

Dreams cast in concrete
at a time
when the future was blue
and streets took to the sky

Then a time of displacement
a betrayal of dreams
Paradise lost its memory
and all became silent.

The artist stops and listens;
from slabs of concrete
she knows
how to liberate stories

She invokes them gently:
Stories to stories
present to past
tales meeting
in the space between

Abandonded Utopia by Mandy Payne

Thank you to Monika Kostera for her words.
You can see more of her work after this link - http://www.kostera.pl/Poetryandimages.htm

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