'Overlooked' - drawn from the works of 5 contemporary Sheffield artists who all share a common interest in exploring the unseen and mundane. Focussing on marginal, liminal spaces that most people wouldn't give a second glance. Creating observational paintings that use landscape to create a narrative and emotional tension.

'Look beneath the surface, let not the several quality of a thing nor it's worth escape thee' - Marcus Aurelius

The Scottish Queen,
21-24 South Street, Park Hill, Sheffield, S2 5QX

The artists would very much like to thank:
Urban Splash (particularly Tom Bloxham and Mark Latham) who have generously provided the Scottish Queen for us to site our exhibition.
Leila Alexander (Art Consultant) for her invaluable input and advice
Andrew Mathews (Graphic Designer at Urban Splash)
Louise Hutchinson(Artistic Director) and Pippa Cook(Programme Coordinator) from S1 Artspace for their help and guidance in curating the show
Thornbridge Brewery for sponsoring our Preview Event
Paul Allender for his contribution to our catalogue
Ecclesall Print for the creation of the show brochure

Monday, 16 March 2015

Mandy Payne

Mandy Payne - main contact for information regarding the show
Mandy Payne is a painter and a printmaker, although for this body of work she has focussed largely on painting. Her principal painting medium is mixed media, working primarily in acrylics, oils and aerosol. The physicality of paint and surface texture are important elements in her work, as are exploring different media and processes.
She is interested in marginal spaces, places that are often maligned and thought to be devoid of traditional aesthetic beauty. For past 3 years she has been exploring Park Hill in Sheffield, the Grade II* listed council estate and one of Britain’s largest examples of Brutalist architecture. 

Park Hill is currently undergoing regeneration and as such is an interesting place to observe.  Part of the estate has undergone transformation into shiny, luxury flats whilst half remains boarded up and derelict.

Mandy’s earlier work has focussed mainly on the un- refurbished parts of the development where the memories and layers of the past are almost tangible. Her intentions were to create observational paintings that spoke of the displacement of the established communities and the temporality of urban landscape. She also wanted to draw attention to what she considered to be the hidden beauty of the estate, the geometry of the imposing architecture, the play of light and shadows on the walkways and the myriad of colours present in the spalled and tarnished concrete.

Spending time at Park Hill reinforced to her that concrete is the unifying link throughout the site. With this in mind she has been working with materials that are integral to the estate itself, namely concrete (which she has mixed both into the paint and as a substrate) and aerosol spray paint (referencing the graffiti).

For further information/ examples of Mandy’s work please visit her website

Examples of Work -

Oil, aerosol, roofing sealant on Board, 55 x 44.5 cm

Surprisingly Green
Oil, aerosol, roofing sealant on board, 28 x 28 cm

Silent Shadows 
Aerosol on Concrete, 23 x 23 cm

Aerosol on Concrete, 19.5 x 19.5 cm

Aerosol on Concrete, 32 x 32 cm
Everything of Value Has Been Removed
Mixed media on board 27 x 23 cm

Bio - Mandy Payne is a Sheffield based artist and studied fine art at Nottingham University graduating in 2013. Recent group exhibitions include the John Moores Painting Prize 2014, (where she was a Prize Winner), Threadneedle Painting Prize, (Mall Galleries, London 2013), Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London (2014), The John Ruskin Prize (2014) and ‘Picturing Sheffield’ exhibitions at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield (2015).

0741 241 5676

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